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Reuben Singh Scholarship

Entrepreneur Reuben Singh is proud to present the Reuben Singh Scholarship Programme, a fantastic opportunity to fund your university fees.

Are you a fledgling entrepreneur, social enterprise start-up or even an eBay mogul? If so, you’re being invited to apply for a scholarship worth £9,000 to pay for your education while working on your young businesses.

Reuben Singh has launched the scheme as a helping hand for the start-up tycoons of tomorrow. Singh, who himself was an entrepreneur from an early age, believes that business education in the UK should be anchored in real-world scenarios.

This means innovative solutions to changes in law, technology, social media and more.

His firm alldayPA was set up in 1999 and today handles calls for over 23,000 UK businesses acting as a virtual reception, switchboard and customer services team.

Education is important and not only gives you knowledge but teaches discipline too

Reuben Singh

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The scholarship will provide students with up to £9,000 in funding for tuition fees for the 2016/2017 academic year.

Applicants must be UK residents with a confirmed place at university for the 2016/17 academic year.

Young business people who have already shown initiative in creating their own business venture will be required to demonstrate the nature of their business, why they set it up, what they achieved and the lessons they have learned to date.

Hopefuls can enter the scheme by filling out an application form and submitting an essay of no more than 2,500 words, addressing the following questions:

What does the future of business look like to you?
What does entrepreneurship mean to you?
Identify the next big domestic or international market and discuss why you feel this is such a big opportunity.

They will also need to provide evidence of their entrepreneurial activities to date, including examples of ventures or endeavors they have undertaken.

Shortlisted applicants will be invited to interview with the Reuben Singh Scholarship panel.

“I know myself what it is like to have been in business from a young age and my experiences setting up from scratch have shaped my understanding of the ever-changing business world.

I was privileged to have support behind me as a result of my parents’ own hard work in their business, and financial capabilities at the start of my business career – this is something I am so grateful for.

I believe it is now my turn to do this not only for my children, but for a number of deserving students wishing to further their business careers.

The next generation of entrepreneurs needs both academic qualifications and real world experiences from both business and first-hand interpersonal interaction. The world is now a global village and it is important that tomorrow’s business leaders embrace the skills and business opportunities available to them from all over the world.”

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Please send your entry to

A fantastic opportunity to fund your university fees!

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Eligibility Requirements:

Undergraduates resident in the UK who have a confirmed place at a UK university, commencing the academic year following the deadline.

Appilication Process:

By application form detailing examples and evidence of entrepreneurial activities or endeavours, and submission of a 2,500 word essay addressing: what does the future of business look like; what does entrepreneurship mean to you and identifying and discussing the next big business opportunity in the domestic or international market. Entries will be examined by a judging panel who will then select the shortlisted entries for interview.

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“A Man without education is like a building without a foundation”

Reuben Singh

Reuben Singh Scholarship

A British entrepreneur, I am the Founder of alldayPA, the UK’s largest 24-hr call answering services provider and the CEO of Isher Capital, a boutique private equity fund. Welcome to my Scholarship website.

Message From Reuben Singh;

The idea behind the scholarship programme was simply to assist those that have the desire to gain knowledge, excel in their future careers and understand the importance of education but need financial assistance to do so.

This is just my way of trying to help those who wish to help themselves. Education is very important in many ways and I feel one of those is how the journey of education teaches us discipline. The discipline to concentrate, the discipline to deliver on time and the discipline to sacrifice. All of which are important in all aspects of later life from a career to running your own business.

The Reuben Singh Scholarship programme is still in its infancy and with the resources available to this initiative at this time I do hope that it will be life changing or extremely useful for those that avail it.

Over the years I have seen many successful people both working with me or for me who regret losing the opportunity to go to University. Not out of a desire to learn, but out of the necessity to earn money to support themselves and their families coupled as the lack of resources and affordability. I hope that at least for some people The Reuben Scholarship Programme can help.

Reuben Singh CEO