Reuben Singh

From starting his first business while still in school to owning the UK’s leading telephone answering service, Reuben Singh has always been an entrepreneur through and through.

Early Life

reuben singhReuben was born in September 1976 in Poynton, Cheshire and was surrounded by the family business from an early age.
By 16, Reuben was in charge of the sales department which he juggled around school work and exams, which gave him the inspiration and experience needed to start his own business.


In 1999 Reuben Singh founded alldayPA. By this time Reuben was already a serial entrepreneur, and he wanted to start a business that would support other small business owners like him.
alldayPA is a telephone answering service and helps small businesses by answering their calls.
As a successful entrepreneur himself, Reuben understood the difficulties small business owners face when it comes to managing a business while maintaining a healthy work life balance.
By creating alldayPA, Reuben planned to tackle this problem head on and provide a service that would help entrepreneurs like himself manage their business and create the time needed to enjoy life outside of work.
The success of alldayPA as a business, and Reuben’s passion for supporting entrepreneurs, was the catalyst for one of the most professionally enriching periods of Reuben’s career which saw Reuben working with a range of government figures, task forces, and small business councils.

Growing the Business

As alldayPA grew in size and success, Reuben began broadening his horizons further with the founding of Isher Capital (a boutique private equity fund for small businesses and entrepreneurs) in 2010, as well as continuing to grow the Reuben Singh Group of Companies – a portfolio of businesses owned and run by Reuben and the Singh family.
Today, alldayPA continues to grow and has recently celebrated settling into new offices in Manchester’s thriving tech hub of Salford Quays.
Ever the entrepreneur, Reuben continues to expand alldayPA’s service offering for its loyal members.
This includes the creation of alldayPA’s Virtual Office – a piece of industry leading software that gives alldayPA members complete control of how they use their accounts.
alldayPA’s Virtual Office is also available as an iOS app, so for the first time small business owners can manage their call answering service with ease from anywhere in the world.
As well as implementing new software to benefit alldayPA members, Reuben has recently overseen a complete overhaul in internal infrastructure.
This has been achieved through the appointment of a number of high profile department leaders within the alldayPA family.
This includes the appointment of a new head of IT with an extensive background in telecoms, and the appointment of a new head of operations with over 25 years’ experience in call centre management with firms such as IKEA, Direct Line, and the NHS.
Through this investment in staffing and technology, Reuben has shown that although alldayPA is now 18 years old, his entrepreneurial spirit remains and he will continue to drive growth and innovation just as he did back in 1999 when alldayPA was founded.